Interactive Virtual Hostess


MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BRILLIANT with the new Interactive Virtual Hostess® platforms


You give us only a photo or a picture and we animate them in any language in very short time



FULL SHAPE She offers a deep emotional impact and catalyzes your attemption with her brilliant vision, even from very far

DESK SHAPE United with desk, she can play your communication in adding to your products next the platform

TOTEM HUMAN INTERFACE This is an ideal solution for “Instant Win” promotion. It can include printer and optical reader for any use you prefer.

the same project can run on all models of Interactive Virtual Hostess®

find the right solution for you

MALL EVENT Milan, Nespresso used Interactive Virtual Hostess® to support a brandawarness campaign and show its products and machine. A quiz game entertained the customers and a coffee ticket was printed.

FAIRS Dubai, Novartis Alcon used Interactive Virtual Hostess® to present its medical care products and machine.

INSTORE PROMOTION Rome, Iperstores Panorama used Interactive Virtual Hostess® for the instant win campaign “Buy your shopping”. The customer could win the entire import of his shopping when he showed the fidality card to the webcam.

INSTORE ACTIVITY Milano, IPER store, every day, rewards its customer having fidaty card with gift ticket (coffee, brioche, discounts..) The customer has to pass in the barcode reader the fidaty card.

ADVERTISING Londra, in 50 Tesco stores in UK, the Vanish promotion run in contemporary time on the tv with the same testimonials. On the same shape, two differen actress appear and show how to use vanish products..

EVENTS Dubai, The testimonial of the famous medical care company, the cartoon Doctor Aster, is used to invite the customers to visit its website and to introduce the company